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Montreal is part of the province of  Quebec, which in turn had French colonization in 1535, dates  good looking  of the colonization of Brazil. Well, like any good "discovery" we have the hunt for gold, "civilizing" the natives and not wanting to sharpen the eyes of the neighbors, which in this case was England, I don't forgive and took Montreal two centuries later, in the war  franc-indigenous  of 1763. 

But the heart, language and culture remained intact and even today it is as if  Quebec  had nothing to do with England. 

The city of Montreal, like other large Canadian cities, is a multicultural city, that is, it has a wide variety of different ethnicities and cultures. Along with descendants of French and English, Irish, Italian, Jewish, Greek, Arab, Hispanic, Haitian and Portuguese communities coexist. 

There are neighborhoods from all these cultures and it is very common to see different beliefs also side by side. 

With polite and respectful coexistence, Montreal offers the opportunity to experience so many different cultures on one island



Cultural diversity

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