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Good changes in permit PGWP

text of  Rafael Alencar 

In 2019 some postgraduation criteria were changed in a positive way. And now in 2020, other changes have also been made to the program, and again: for the better!

Even the announcement was recently posted on the Canadian government's website. To be more exact on February 21, 2020.

One of the changes from last year is the fact that they have doubled the application window. The 2020 changes involve the possibility of the candidate working while awaiting a decision on the application of the PGWP by Canadian immigration.

In other words, you send the application to the immigration officer and while you wait for everything, and sometimes it takes time to get out, you can already work (and all that legally)!

Also now people who have applied for a post graduation work permit but have not yet received it can leave and enter Canada without losing their right to it. Good news!

Tip for couples

If you are married and obtain study permit to Canada. Your spouse (husband or wife) “earns” an open work permit.

That is, one comes as an international student while the other will be able to work full-time and in any job (that is not regulated or prohibited). This certainly helps a lot with expenses in Canadian lands.

And it opens up a wide range of Canadian immigration options, depending on the province you choose to study in Canada.


text of  Rafael Alencar 

Canadian Government and Ministry of Immigration Canada (IRCC) accredited immigration consultant, registration number R705937.


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